May 29, 2024
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Harvard University Endorses Sujood: The Ultimate Posture for Back Pain Relief

Harvard announced on Twitter that Sujood’s posture is the most effective for back discomfort.

Massachusetts: Harvard University posted on its official website that Sujood is the best posture to practice. Sujood way of living is the most effective posture to combat back pain, without undergoing surgical or other medical treatment.

Back pain is among the most prevalent problems in the medical field and affects more than a million people each year. Because of back pain, many undergo extensive treatment and some even opt for surgery in order to rid of the pain. But these medications can cause side consequences when it comes to long-term relief.

Best Medicine For Back Pain

As per Harvard Health, there is an easy way to get rid of this discomfort. In a recent posting on Twitter that Harvard Health claimed the Sujood position to be the best treatment in treating back pain.


Sujood is a pose that involves sitting and bowing till the forehead nose, the hands, a knee and toes meet the ground.

Sujood is the act of bowing to Allah the Almighty, something that Muslims practice daily during their prayers five times per day. It is also known to have a positive effect on postures that enhances oxygen delivery to tissue and circulation of blood, which helps reduce inflammation and speeds up healing. In addition, it has been confirmed to be the best choice for physiology since it decreases depression, anxiety and stress.

After the article from Harvard Health went viral, Muslims began sharing the article because it echoes something they practice five times a day. A number of non-muslims on the internet have expressed interest in trying the position to relieve back pain using the simple technique.


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