May 29, 2024
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Flying Taxis Take Pilgrims to Mecca in Minutes

Hajj Revolution: Flying Taxis Take Pilgrims to Mecca in Minutes

Hajj Gets a Futuristic Upgrade: Flying Taxis Take Pilgrims to New Heights Millions embark on the spiritual journey of Hajj to Saudi Arabia each year....

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Shawwal Moon Not Sighted In Saudi Arabia Eid al-Fitr 2024 on April 10

Crescent Moon NOT SIGHTED in Saudi Arabia; Eid on Wednesday, April 10

Eid-ul-Fitr 2024 moon sighting highlights: Amid cloudy climate and upcoming whole photo solar eclipse, Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE might sight Shawwal crescent...

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Rumy Alqahtani

Saudi Model Alqahtani at Miss Universe Sparks Controversy with Shahada Flag

Rumy Alqahtani, a 27-year-old mannequin and content material creator, has introduced her illustration of Saudi Arabia on the upcoming Miss Universe magnificence pageant in Mexico....

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World’s First 3D-Printed Mosque Opened In Jeddah

World’s first 3D-printed mosque opens in Saudi Arabia

It is located on an area of 5,600 square meters and took approximately six months to construct. A Pioneering Project Takes Shape Marking a significant...

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2024 Ramadan Taraweeh Schedule for Makkah & Madinah

Taraweeh Prayer Schedules for Masjid al Haram & Masjid Nabawi in 2024

The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques has announced the much-anticipated schedule for Taraweeh prayers, also known as Special Night Prayers, during the upcoming...

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Ramadan 2024 in Saudi Arabia: Safe & Secure Mosques

Saudi Arabia Prepares for Safe and Secure Ramadan 2024 at Mosques

Extensive planning by Saudi authorities aims to ensure a smooth and safe Ramadan experience for worshippers across the kingdom. In a series of recently announced...

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Most Islamic nations to observe crescent moon on March 10 Digitalislamicguide

The Start of Ramadan 2024: Navigating Sighting the Crescent Moon

This year, many Muslim-majority nations are expected to begin the holy month of Ramadan on Monday, March 11th, 2024. This determination hinges on the sighting...

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Iftar Rules In Masjid al-Haram For Ramadan 2024 Digitalislamicguide-min

New Ramadan 2024 Iftar Rules Announced for Mecca’s Grand Mosque

Saudi authorities have outlined specific regulations for individuals and groups wishing to offer Iftar meals to worshippers at the Grand Mosque in Mecca during Ramadan...

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Safety with Life-Saving Medical Devices Digitalislamicguide

Grand Mosque Bolsters Safety with 15 Life-Saving Medical Devices

The Grand Mosque, the holiest site in Islam and a major destination for millions of Muslim worshippers, has significantly enhanced its emergency preparedness with the...

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India's Largest Mosque To Be Named After Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Digitalislamicguide

India’s Largest Mosque Renaming: Tribute to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

In Ayodhya, India, a remarkable project is in motion to replace the iconic Babri Masjid with what promises to be India’s Largest Mosque. This future...

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India stops funding madrasa Digitalislamicguide

Controversial Decision: India’s Largest State Halts Payments to Thousands of Madrasa Teachers

The largest state in India has halted payments to approximately 21,000 teachers in Muslim religious schools, known as madrasas, including those instructing subjects like mathematics...

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Hajj pilgrims Digitalislamicguide

Hajj Boom 2024: Saudi Arabia Approves 166 Buildings to House Hajj pilgrims in Makkah

The holy city of Makkah is preparing for a momentous Hajj season in 2024, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia takes significant steps to accommodate...

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Al-Aqsa Mosque Empty During Friday Prayer Due To Israeli Restrictions Digitalislamicguide

Al-Aqsa Mosque almost empty due to Israeli restrictions

Israeli restrictions persist, barring tens of thousands of Palestinians from participating in Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque for the eighth consecutive week since the Gaza...

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Gaza Doctors Fear Deadly Disease Outbreak

Gaza’s Terrified Doctors Face Looming Disease Outbreak – Aid Efforts Intensify

In Gaza, the lull in hostilities persisted into its fifth day on Tuesday, but UN humanitarian workers cautioned that an urgent surge in aid deliveries...

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UN stops delivery of food and supplies to Gaza

UN Halts Gaza Aid Deliveries Amid Communication Blackout

The United Nations had to halt the delivery of food and other essential items to Gaza on Friday, raising concerns about the possibility of widespread...

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American TikToker Megan Rice converts to Islam

American TikTok Star Megan Rice Embraces Islam: Her Journey Revealed

Megan Rice, an American activist and prominent figure on TikTok, underwent a transformational journey that led to her conversion to Islam. She found inspiration in...

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Humanitarian Pauses in Gaza

G7 Urges ‘Humanitarian Pauses’ Amid Gaza Bombardment: Key Updates

G7 foreign ministers juggle critique of Hamas with support for Israel and call for urgent actions’ to aid Gaza civilians. The top diplomats of The...

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Elon Musk Extends Starlink Internet to Gaza's Aid Organizations

Elon Musk Extends Starlink Internet to Gaza’s Aid Organizations

Israel threatens to break connections with satellite company, claims Hamas will make use of connectivity to carry out terrorist attacks, and suggests Musk to condition...

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Fake News Overwhelms Social Media Amid Israel-Hamas War

Uncovering the Truth: Social Media Flooded with Fake News during Israel-Hamas Conflict

Of all the platforms Elon Musk’s X seems to have seen the most severe outbreak of fake news relating to the conflict. Just hours after...

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Stance on Middle East Conflict

Sundar Pichai’s Response: Condemning Attacks on Israel, Silence on Palestine

Israel-Hamas War in the midst of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are continuing to carry out air strikes in retaliation on Hamas areas within Gaza while...

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