May 29, 2024
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Indian Cop Kicking Muslim Worshippers In Delhi Digitalislamicguide

Delhi Officer Suspended for Kicking People During Friday Namaz on Road

A Delhi Police sub-inspector has been suspended following a disturbing incident where he was filmed kicking and manhandling worshippers outside a mosque in north Delhi’s Inderlok area. The incident, which occurred on Friday afternoon during prayer time, sparked outrage after videos went viral on social media.

The mosque, known as “Bade Masjid,” is located near the Inderlok Metro station. The suspended officer has been identified as Manoj Tomar.

According to officials, Tomar was caught on camera kicking and shoving worshippers who were offering prayers on the road outside the overflowing mosque. The video reportedly shows Tomar kicking at least two worshippers, displacing their prayer mats with his foot, and even slapping one on the neck. Despite the assault, the worshippers continued their prayers.

The incident triggered a protest, with locals and worshippers gathering outside the mosque and blocking the road for over two hours. Witnesses reported that attempts to reason with Tomar proved futile, as he allegedly became aggressive.

“The video only captured him kicking two people, but he assaulted at least five,” said Mohammed Salauddin, a vendor near the mosque. “We don’t know why he did it. People tried to stop him, but he started fighting them too.”

Senior police officials intervened to control the situation. The Imam of the mosque reportedly used the loudspeaker to announce that action had been taken against Tomar, urging the crowd to disperse.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Manoj Kumar Meena confirmed Tomar’s suspension and the initiation of disciplinary action. He emphasized efforts to maintain peace and stated that a meeting was held with mosque representatives and locals to address their concerns.

An Assistant Commissioner of Police is leading an inquiry into the incident, and a report will be submitted upon its completion. It’s unclear if any action will be taken against the other officer seen in the video.


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