May 29, 2024
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Muslim Man Refuses to Burn Torah and Bible Digitalislamicguide

Muslim Man Refuses to Burn Torah and Bible Despite Approval By Swedish: Symbolic Protest

The Syrian Muslim obtained permits to burn Torah and Bible in front of the Israeli Embassy in Sweden. In a bizarre turn of things, the man opted to not burn the Bible.

Instead, he wanted call attention to recent incidents of burning the Qur’an across the country. He only held the Qur’an in his hand as was standing outside the Embassy.

The Message of Unity and Respect

His goal was not to torch holy books but instead to condemn those who would burn the Qur’an as per the 33-year old.


The author criticized those responsible for igniting versions of the Quran in Sweden in recent months, an action which is not a violation of Swedish law. In his speech, he highlighted how important it was to be living peacefully within a community and respecting each other.

“This is a response to the people who burn the Qur’an. I want to show that freedom of expression has limits that must be taken into account,”

explained Ahmed A, Swedish resident of Syrian origin.

Response to Recent Incidents

Right-wing Swedish extremists burned the Qur’an on January 1st to protest Sweden’s NATO application to join NATO and talks with Turkey. Additionally, during the Eid Al-Adha celebration on June 28 an Iraqi refugee lit a page from the Qur’an in the front of Stockholm’s biggest mosque, triggering massive condemnation.

Ahmad A., a Syrian of origin Swedish resident, highlighted his intention to stress the fact that freedom of speech has limitations and must be viewed in the context of.

The decision to not burning Bible and Torah was a symbolic gesture meant to encourage respect and harmony among different religions. Ahmad A. stressed the possible consequences of these controversial actions in warning of the potential for them to lead to conflict and discord.


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