May 29, 2024
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Digitalislamicguide New Kiswah Changing on 18 July 2023

Mark Your Calendars: New Kiswah Changing on 29 Dhul Hijjah (Tuesday, 18 July 2023)

On July 18, After Isha Salah brand new Kiswah ( Ghilaaf) of the Kaaba will be installed. Around 200 specially trained workers along with officials and staff from Kaaba’s King Abdulaziz Complex for the Development of the Holy Mosque will be performing the ceremony.

The Kiswah is an black silk cover that is which is affixed to the Kaaba which is Islam’s most holy site. With the gold-plated thread it’s decorated with scriptures of the Quran. The Saudi government finances the creation of the Kiswah each year.

Within the Islamic calendar, the inauguration of the brand new Kiswah is a significant occasion. The Hijri calendar that has a lunar-based calendar that is based on Islam will mark the beginning in the year new. Muslims across the globe utilize this Hijri calendar to celebrate holy days and other significant celebrations.

An solemn ceremony is performed to dedicate the brand new Kiswah. In light of the Kaaba’s position being the largest sacred spot in Islam It is carried out with great care and respect. The people who perform Kaaba Kiswah are Muslims and free of spiritual or physical impureties.

Kiswah remains in use until the following year, when it will be replaced. Many charities across the globe benefit from Kiswah.


For a long time it has been known that the Kiswah has been an integral component of Islamic tradition. According to the legend it was it was the prophet Muhammad himself created his first Kiswah. A variety of people have created the Kiswah in the years since as well as caliphs and sultans and King’s.

Al-Kiswah Factory digitalislamicguide

Al-Kiswah Factory in Mecca produces the present Kiswah. It is the home of King Abdulaziz Al Saud founded the factory in 1927. Around 200 employees are employed at the plant and are expert in the art of silk weaving.

Silk is the material used to create the Kiswah. Gold-plated thread is weaved in black silk following being dyed black. The traditional Kufic script, the verses of the Quran are woven into Kiswah.

The Kiswah is a symbol of Islam as well as the Kaaba. Muslims across the globe are reminded of the significance in the Kaaba. Muslims are gathered to commemorate their faith at the ceremony of establishing the new Kiswah which is a significant date on the Islamic calendar.


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