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Discover the Meaning and Significance of the 99 Names of Allah

The 99 Names of Allah, also known as Asmaul Husna, are the beautiful and glorious attributes of the Almighty God in Islam. These names describe the characteristics, qualities, and virtues of Allah, which Muslims believe are infinite and incomparable.

Each name of Allah holds a unique meaning and significance, reflecting His power, mercy, and majesty. Muslims often recite these names during prayer and supplication, seeking His blessings and protection.

Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) said, “Allah has ninety-nine names,  and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.”
(Sahih Bukhari 50:894)

Here is a brief description of each of the 99 Names of Allah:

#NameEnglish Meaning
1الرَّحْمنAr-RahmanThe Most Merciful, the Compassionate, the Loving.
2الرَّحِيمAr-RahimThe Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
3المَلِكAl-MalikThe King, the Sovereign, the Master.
4الْقُدُّوسAl-QuddusThe Holy, the Pure, the Perfect.
5السَّلَامAs-SalamThe Source of Peace, the Giver of Peace.
6المُؤْمِنAl-Mu'minThe Faithful, the Protector, the Guardian.
7الْمُهَيْمِنAl-Muhaymin The Guardian, the Watchful, the Protector.
8الْعَزِيزAl-'AzizThe Mighty, the Powerful, the Invincible.
9الْجَبَّارAl-JabbarThe Compeller, the Restorer, the One who mends.
10الْمُتَكَبِّرAl-Mutakabbir The Majestic, the Great, the Exalted.
11الْخَالِقAl-KhaliqThe Creator, the Maker, the Originator.
12الْبَارِئAl-Bari' The Evolver, the Fashioner, the Shaper.
13الْمُصَوِّرAl-MusawwirThe Fashioner, the Shaper, the Molder.
14اَلْغَفَّارAl-GhaffarThe Forgiving, the Absolver, the Coverer.
15الْقَهَّارAl-QahharThe Dominant, the Subduer, the Overpowering.
16الْوَهَّابAl-WahhabThe Giver, the Bestower, the Grantor.
17الرَّزَّاقAr-RazzaqThe Provider, the Sustainer, the Nourisher.
18الْفَتَّاحAl-FattahThe Opener, the Revealer, the Solver.
19الْعَلِيمAl-'AlimThe All-Knowing, the Omniscient, the Aware.
20الْقَابِضُAl-QabidThe Withholder, the Constrictor, the Restrainer.
21الْبَاسِطُAl-BasitThe Expander, the Extender, the Enlarger.
22الخَافِضAl-KhafidThe Abaser, the Humiliator, the Demeanor.
23الرَّافِعُAr-Rafi'The Exalter, the Elevator, the Raiser.
24المُعِزAl-Mu'izzThe Bestower of Honor, the Giver of Dignity, the Honorer.
25المُذِلAl-MudhillThe Humiliator, the Disgracer, the Abaser.
26السَّمِيعُAs-Sami'The All-Hearing, the Hearer, the Listener.
27الْبَصِيرAl-BasirThe All-Seeing, the Seer, the Observer.
28الْحَكَمAl-HakamThe Judge, the Arbiter, the Decider.
29العَدْلAl-'AdlThe Just, the Fair, the Equitable.
30اللَّطِيفُAl-LaṭīfThe Gentle, the Kind, the Subtle.
31الْخَبِيرُAl-KhabīrThe All-Aware, the Well-Informed, the Knowledgeable.
32الْحَلِيمُAl-ḤalīmThe Forbearing, the Calm, the Patient.
33الْعَظِيمُAl-'AẓīmThe Magnificent, the Great, the Grand.
34الْغَفُورُAl GhafūrThe Forgiving.
35الشَّكُورُAsh-ShakūrThe Appreciative, the Grateful, the Thankful.
36الْعَلِيُّAl-'AlīyThe Most High, the Exalted, the Supreme.
37الْكَبِيرُAl-KabīrThe Greatest, the Big, the Large.
38الْحَفِيظُAl-ḤafīẓThe Protector, the Preserver, the Guardian.
39المُقِيتAl-MuqītThe Sustainer, the Nourisher, the Provider.
40الْحَسِيبُAl-ḤasībThe Reckoner, the Accountant, the Sufficient.
41الجَلِيلAl-JalīlThe Majestic, the Grand, the Dignified.
42الْكَرِيمُAl-KarīmThe Generous, the Noble, the Bountiful.
43الرَّقِيبُAr-RaqībThe Watchful, the Vigilant, the Observer.
44الْمُجِيبُAl-MujībThe Responder, the Answerer, the Hearkener.
45الْوَاسِعُAl-Wāsi'The All-Encompassing, the Vast, the Wide.
46اَلْحَكِيمُAl-ḤakīmThe Wise, the Prudent, the Judicious.
47الْوَدُودُAl-WadūdThe Loving, the Affectionate, the Kind.
48الْمَجِيدُAl-MajīdThe Glorious, the Majestic, the Magnificent.
49البَاعِثAl-Bā'ithThe Resurrector, the Reviver, the Raiser.
50الشَّهِيدُAsh-ShahīdThe Witness, the Observer, the Testifier.
51الْحَقُّAl-ḤaqqThe Truth, the Reality, the Genuine.
52الْوَكِيلُAl-WakīlThe Trustee, the Advocate, the Guardian.
53الْقَوِيّAl-QawwīyThe Strong, the Powerful, the Strengthened.
54الْمَتِينُAl-MatīnThe Firm, the Steadfast, the Strong.
55الْوَلِيُّAl-WalīyThe Helper, the Friend, the Protector.
56الْحَمِيدُAl-ḤamīdThe Praiseworthy, the Commendable, the Laudable.
57الْـمُحْصِيAl-MuḥṣīyThe Reckoner, the Counter, the Calculator.
58المُبدِئAl-Mubdi'The Originator, the Creator, the Initiator.
59المُعِيدAl-Mu'īdThe Restorer, the Renewer, the Reproducer.
60المُحيِيAl-MuḥyīyThe Giver of Life, the Quickener, the Reviver.
61المُمِيتAl-MumītThe Bringer of Death, the Slayer, the Taker of Life.
62الْحَيُّAl-ḤayyThe Living, the Alive, the Everlasting.
63الْقَيُّومُAl-QayyūmThe Self-Sustaining, the Self-Subsisting, the Self-Existing.
64الوَاجِدAl-WājidThe Finder, the Discoverer, the Uncovering.
65المَاجِدAl-MājidThe Glorious, the Exalted, the Honorable.
66الْوَاحِدُAl-WāḥidThe Unique, the One and Only, the Singular.
67الأَحَدAl-'AḥadThe One, the Only, the Indivisible.
68الصَّمَدُAṣ-ṢamadThe Eternal, the Absolute, the Independent.
69الْقَادِرُAl-QādirThe All-Powerful, the Omnipotent, the Capable.
70الْمُقْتَدِرُAl-MuqtadirThe All-Able, the All-Powerful, the Omnipotent.
71الْمُقَدِّمُAl-MuqaddimThe Expediter, the Advancer, the Promoter.
72الْمُؤَخِّرُAl-Mu'akhkhirThe Delayer, the Postponer, the Procrastinator.
73الْأَوَّلُAl-'AwwalThe First, the Beginning, the Initial.
74الْآخِرُAl-'AkhirThe Last, the End, the Final.
75الظَّاهِرُAẓ-ẒāhirThe Manifest, the Evident, the Clear.
76الْبَاطِنُAl-BāṭinThe Hidden, the Concealed, the Innermost.
77الوَالِيAl-WālīyThe Governor, the Protector, the Patron.
78الْمُتَعَالِAl-Muta'ālīyThe Most Exalted, the Supreme, the Highest.
79الْبِرُّAl-BarrThe Kind, the Righteous, the Virtuous.
80التَّوَّابُAt-TawwābThe Ever-Returning, the Ever-Accepting, the Relenting.
81الْمُنْتَقِمُAl-MuntaqimThe Avenger, the Punisher, the Retaliator.
82العَفُوAl-'AfūwThe Forgiver, the Pardoner, the Effacer.
83الرَّؤُوفُAr-Ra'ūfThe Compassionate, the Merciful, the Kind.
84مَالِكُ الْمُلْكِMālik-ul-MulkThe Owner of All Sovereignty, the Lord of Dominion, the Master of All Kingdoms.
85ذُو الْجَلَالِ والْإكْرَامِDhū-l-Jalāli wa-l-'ikrāmThe Lord of Majesty and Bounty, the Owner of Majesty and Honor.
86المُقسِّطAl-Muqsiţthe Equitable, the Fair.
87الْجَامِعُAl-Jāmi'The Gatherer, the Assembler, the Collector.
88الْغَنِيُّAl-GhanīyThe Rich, the Wealthy, the Self-Sufficient.
89المُغنِيAl-MughnīyThe Enricher, the Sufficer, the Bestower of Wealth.
90المَانِعAl-Māni'The Preventer, the Hinderer, the Shielder.
91الضَّارAḍ-ḌārrThe Afflicter, the Distressor, the Harmer.
92النَّافِعAn-Nāfi'The Beneficial, the Useful, the Advantageous.
93النُّورُAn-NūrThe Light, the Illuminator, the Radiant.
94الْهَادِيAl-HādīyThe Guide, the Leader, the Director.
95الْبَدِيعُAl-Badī'The Incomparable, the Unique, the Unprecedented.
96الباقيAl-BāqīyThe Everlasting, the Eternal, the Immutable.
97الْوَارِثُAl-Wārithhe Heir, the Inheritor, the Successor.
98الرَّشِيدAr-RashīdThe Guide, the Righteous, the One Who Guides to the Right Path.
99الصَّبُورAṣ-ṢabūrThe Timeless

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