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99 Names of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) PBUH

The 99 Names of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam (peace be upon him) represent different aspects of his personality and role as final messenger for Islam. Each name highlights characteristics such as mercy, wisdom, compassion, justice humility and perseverance displayed by Prophet Muhammad himself.

Attributes that each name highlights include Rahman (The Most Merciful), Nabi (The Prophet), Hadi (The Guide), Rasul (The Messenger), Sadiq (Truthful), Sabur (Patience), Shafi (Intercessor) and Wali (Protector). Each of these carries its own significance, emphasizing different aspects or attributes of his life and mission.

Here is a brief outline of each of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s 99 Names:

1عادلAadilThe Justice
2عالمAalimThe Scholar
3عبداللهAbdullahSlave of Allah
4ابوالقاسمAbu al QaasimThe father of Qasim.
5ابو الطاھرAbu at TahirThe father of Tahir.
6ابوالطیبAbu at TayyibThe father of Tayyib.
7ابو ابراھیمAbu IbrahimThe father of Ibrahim.
9احیدAheedHe who takes to one side.
10احمدAhmadMuch praised
11اجیرAjeerHe who is rewarded.
12علم الایمانAlam ul EemanThe banner of faith.
13علم الیقینAlam ul YaqeenThe banner of belief.
14علم الھدیٰAlamul HudaaBanner of guidance.
15علیمAleemThe Knowledgeable
16امینAmeenThe Honest One
17النجم الثاقبAn Najm-us-SaqibShining star.
18عاقبAqibThe Latest
19عربیArabiThe Arabi
20اولAwwalThe First
21عین الغرAyn ul GhurrThe chief of the chosen one.
22عین النعیمAyn un NaeemThe spring of blessing.
23عزیزAzizThe Honoured One
24بالغBaalighHe who attains the elevated station.
26بشیرBasheerThe Messenger of Good News
27بیانBayanObvious words
28برھانBurhanThe Evidence
29بشریٰBushraaGiver of good tidings.
30داعDaaThe Invitor
31دلیل الخیراتDaleel ul KhyayraatTo guide to virtue.
32فاتحFaatehThe Victor
34فصیح اللسانFaseehul LisaanThe eloquent of speech.
35فتاحFatahThe Successor, The Opener
36غنیGhaniThe Rich
37غریبGharibThe Poor
38غوثGhausSuccour, listener to complaints.
39غیثGhaysShower of mercy.
40غیاثGhiyaasFull of succour.
41ھادHaadThe Leader
42حبیب اللهHabeebullahBeloved of Allah.
43حبیبHabiebThe Beloved
44حفیHafeeyVery merciful.
45حافظHafizThe Guardian
46حکیمHakeemThe Wise
47حامدHamidThe Praiser
48حمیدHamiedThe Thankful
49حقHaqThe True, The Truth
50حریص علیکمHarees-un-AlaikumThe Covetous for the Believers
51ھاشمHashimThe Destroyer, The Crusher of Evil
52حاشرHashirThe Awakener, The Gatherer
53ھاشمےHashmiThe Hashmi
54ھدیه اللهHidayatullahGift of Allah.
55حجازیHijaziThe Hijazi
56حزب اللهHizbullahArmy of Allah.
58حجهHujjatThe Right Argument
59اکلیلIkleelChief (of Prophets)
60امامImamThe Guide
61امام المتقینImamul MuttaqeenLeader of the pious.
62عزالعربIzzul ArabThe honour of Arabs.
65جوادJawwadThe Generous
66کافKaafSufficient, enough.
68کاشف الکربKaashiful KurabHe who solves difficulties.
70کلیم اللهKaleemullahWho converses with Allah.
71کریمKareemThe Noble
72خلیل الرحمٰنKhaleel ur RahmanThe freind of Compassionate.
73خلیلKhalilThe True Friend
74خاتم الانبیآءKhatamul anbiyaSeal of the Prophets.
75خاتم الرسلKhatamur RusulSeal of Messengers.
76خطیب الاممKhateebul UmamSermoniser for the people.
77خطیبKhatiebThe Sermoniser
78خاتمKhatimThe Finalizer
79ماحMaahThe obliterator of Infidelity
80مدنیMadaniThe Resident of Madina
81مدعوMadoowWho is called.
82مھدMahdThe Guided One
83مھدیMahdeeWho is guided.
84مھدیMahdiyHe Who is Well Guided
85محمودMahmoodThe Commendable
86مکینMakeenWho is given Rank
87مکینMakeenWho is given rank.
88مخصوص بالعزMakhsoos bil IzzChosen to be honoured.
89مخصوص بالمجدMakhsoos bil MajdChosen to be on the right path.
90مخصوص بالشرفMakhsoos bil SharafPicked up as a noble.
93منصورMansoorWho is helped
94معراجMarajThe Place of Ascent, The Above
95مشھودMashhoodHe who is witnessed.
96مشکورMashkoorThe Thankful
97متینMateenThe Strong
98موصولMawsoolHaving link with Allah.
99مفتاحMiftaahKey to the secrets.

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