May 29, 2024
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Stance on Middle East Conflict

Sundar Pichai’s Response: Condemning Attacks on Israel, Silence on Palestine

Israel-Hamas War in the midst of Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are continuing to carry out air strikes in retaliation on Hamas areas within Gaza while the Palestinian death toll increases, Google CEO Sundar Pichai is caught at the center of a media storm. Sundar Pichai is facing some anger online for defending Hamas’s attacks on Israel but he’s not saying about the suffering of innocent Palestinians who have been killed in Gaza.

“CEO of Google, which was my former employer, has written twice about the happenings in Palestine within the last week. First, to express concern for Israeli employees working at Google Israel offices. Second, to voice out against antisemitism. There’s no mention of Palestinians and Palestinian Google employees,” an anonymous user known as Ariel Koren posted on X in response to Sundar Pichai’s blog post on antisemitism.

“Sundar didn’t say anything when employees gathered in large numbers said #NoTechforApartheid and demanded Google stop developing AI to support to be used by the Israeli military. Within a week, it has claimed the lives of nearly 2000 Gazans and demanded that 1 million of them leave or face the possibility of death. But you don’t say anything @sundarpichai.” Ariel Koren said.

“Israeli military” left Palestinians without a place to go, shut off water, food and aid. They were left to die without electricity, or medical attention. This is a crime against humanity. You’re promoting it through your silence (and through your #ProjectNimbus deal). This moral abomination will be your legacy @sundarpichai.” she said to the discussion thread.

The blog post by Ariel Koren is being widely shared on social media, and has garnered over 4000 views on X. In the replies of her article, the majority of people appear to be in agreement with her position, and even criticized the Google CEO for not speaking out for Palestine. Here are some of the responses to her article:

US President to pay a visit to Israel

In the latest developments from across the Middle East region US the President Joe Biden will be visiting Israel on Wednesday. He’s expected to also meet with officials of Jordan as well as Egypt. The visit of Biden US President coincides with a time that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are systematically bombing Gaza and continuously urging civilians to leave.

Hamas military Wing Qassam Brigades said on Tuesday that an Israeli airstrike had killed their top commanding officer, Ayman Nofal.


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