May 29, 2024
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Everything You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia’s New Hajj Helpline: 8002451000

According to reports, this hotline has many languages, including the most frequently used languages, including Arabic, English, French and Urdu. The hotline at 800-2451000.

Concerning the Hajj rituals It has been planned to establish a 24-hour hotline. This announcement has been verified from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs. Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

The questions will be answered by well-known Islamic academics who will be on the hotline. They will give detailed information and guidelines on the proper and improper conduct of Hajj rituals, as well as any other subjects related to Hajj rituals.

For pilgrims seeking more details about Hajj ceremonies and Islamic guidelines related to Hajj This hotline will prove to be a useful platform.

To help make Hajj as convenient and simple for pilgrims as it can be and as convenient for pilgrims as possible, it is important that the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs is focused in making it as easy and easy as is possible. In the course of its efforts to accomplish this aim Hajj hotline was launched. Hajj hotline was created.

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This Hajj helpline provides the following advantages:

  • A knowledgeable scholar will be able to answer your questions regarding Hajj.
  • Hajj rituals are possible to perform in a correct manner if you follow proper procedures.
  • Hajj-related Islamic rulings are available here.
  • Be confident that you’re doing the Hajj properly can provide confidence.

I recommend that you use to call the Hajj hotline if you are planning to do Hajj. Your Hajj experience will be more meaningful by using this source.


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