May 29, 2024
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Imam of Kaaba Calls Homosexuality a Heinous Crime

Imam of Kaaba Calls Homosexuality a Heinous Crime

The Imam from Makkah’s Grand Mosque, Sheikh Faisal Ghazzawi has warned Muslims against the immorality of the society, particularly homosexuality, calling it an inhumane crime.

In his sermon on Friday at the Makkah’s Grand Mosque, He emphasized the importance of adhering to moral values and preserving the sanctity of marriage. Satan deceives the people who serve God to break the boundaries that are set by God and perform acts that are contrary to the good nature.

” Devilish forces conspired to erase natural instincts and mislead the public by allowing marriage between men and females (gay union) as well as lesbian weddings (lesbian marriage) and intermarriage with animals, and encouraging sexual perversion as well as pornography as they refer to it civilization, while being hostile to those who challenge this, and labeling them as backward and radicals.”

He warned against evil forces conspired to undermine goodness in itself. The people he warned to beware, are against pureness and morality, thereby committing to vice and immorality. In the end, they are afflicted with an erosion of morality, a loss of values, and fall into violent behavior.

Sheikh Ghazzawi said that God Almighty made His creatures with a right mindset and made them averse to good qualities and despise evil. Satan is a distraction for people away from the truth and causes them to break God’s laws and rules and to disregard the things that are required by their sane minds and a good heart. Humans of both genders are designed by God and distinguished between them. Each has its own specific characteristics and qualities.

In the view of the imam, Satan instigates men and women to break their natural natures by influencing. Someone comes in who is against his own nature and attempts to alter the nature of human gender in such a way that a male becomes female, and a woman transforms into male,” he said while saying the words of prophets (peace be on him). “The Prophet cursed effeminate men and immodest women.”

The Holy Qur’an was burned in the most recent instance in the Islamophobic and smear campaigns directed at Islam as well as Muslims according to sheikh Ghazzawi.

The slanderers who violate the inherent essence of God and alter the nature of his creation are spiritually bankrupt and suffering from moral crisis as well as social problems. In the defense of their freedom of speech they engage in aggressive campaigns and violent actions towards the Islamic globe.”

“These actions include burnt in the Holy Qur’an, humiliating and dissecting it, and ridiculing and defaming Muhammad (peace be on him) and challenging his Sunnah. In this way, they revealed their hatred of Muslims which fuels violence and hatred,” the imam said and added that all of these actions are desperate attempts to block God’s will and alter Islam’s image. Islam.



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