May 29, 2024
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AI-Powered Hajj 2023: Saudi Arabia Paves the Way for a Hassle-Free Pilgrimage

SDAIA utilized the latest technology in order to supply pilgrims all over the world with more efficient and comfortable AI-Powered Hajj experience.

The identification and verification of the identities of pilgrims was carried out with a smartphone called Banana.
To assist pilgrims along their journey, Tawakklna developed an app as well as an online service application.

Alongside aiding those who are pilgrims in Saudi Arabia, they expanded their offerings to other countries.
The most notable digital solutions they designed and put into use included the banana device and the Tawakklna application, both of which were put into operation with the help from other federal agencies.

SDAIA utilizes technology to help make AI-powered Hajj simpler

To ease pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia and the performance of Hajj rituals in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia’s Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) utilized technology. In order to ensure pilgrims experienced the best experience and a smooth experience, they collaborated in conjunction with different government agencies.

How SDAIA made use of technology

To verify and identify the identity of pilgrims, SDAIA used a mobile device dubbed Banane. Thus, the identification of crowds were automated, improving the experience for pilgrims.

In addition to developing the Tawakklna app as well, they developed Tawakklna’s Tawakklna services app to assist pilgrims along their pilgrimage.

Alongside looking over the Hajj pilgrims’ card, allowing entry into to the Holy Sites permits, assistance services and volunteer cards these apps come with a vast variety of options.

How SDAIA increased their offerings

In order to assist pilgrims from different nations, SDAIA expanded its services beyond Saudi Arabia. On their way towards Saudi Arabia, they participated in the Makkah Road initiative for the first time.


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