May 29, 2024
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Al-Aqsa vs. Dome of the Rock Unraveling the Differences

Al-Aqsa vs. Dome of the Rock: Unraveling the Differences

There is a lot of confusion among two holy places within Jerusalem, The Dome of the Rock and Al-Masjid al-Aqsa. It is, however, reasonable, given that the commonly accepted concept of al-Aqsa Mosque has changed over time. Al-Aqsa is also known as “Farthest Mosque” is the third most sacred spot in Islam and the Dome of the Rock is the most well-known Islamic location in Jerusalem. While many refer to Al-Aqsa as a mosque, it’s actually named Qibly Masjid.

The confusion stems from the historical context. The larger compound on the which both sites, Qibly and The Dome of the Rock The Dome of the Rock in the middle of has many names. Namely, the hill, Masjid al-Aqsa, is often referred to in the region of Bayt al-Maqdis. Furthermore, the area is usually described as al-Harma ash-Sharif, the “Noble Sanctuary”. But, many people refer to al-Aqsa as a reference to both the whole area as and the mosque in particular, Qibly Masjid.

Below, you can observe the physical differences in the physical appearance between Qibly (al-Aqsa) in comparison to the Dome of the Rock. When you listen to Masjid al-Aqsa or Qibly Masjid Look for a white dome. Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock has an distinct gold dome.

Qibly Masjid, located within the larger al-Harma ash-Sharif, the Noble Sanctuary is the main mosque within Jerusalem. It is a major part of the Muslim community and holds daily prayers and sermons on Fridays that draw huge crowds. The dome that was originally built in Qibly was built using lead enamel and wood. The dome was rebuilt in 1969 using cement and aluminum anodized. This aluminum was replaced by lead in 1983, to be matched with the original workmanship.

al-Aqsa or Qibly Masjid

The most well-known Islamic site in Jerusalem and, in addition, the most ancient of them all, it is known as The Dome of the Rock. The Dome of the Rock is, however, not one of the mosques, but it is a sacred Muslim temple. It is believed to be the location where the Prophet Muhammad went into heaven on the Night Journey.

Dome of the Rock

Remember, Qibly Masjid and the Dome of the Rock are two distinct places! Both are part of the noble Sanctuary, al-Harma ash-Sharif, often referred to as al-Aqsa. Its Dome of the Rock is an Islamic Muslim shrine that features a bright gold dome. Qibly Masjid is a mosque with the lead-colored dome.

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