May 29, 2024
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‘We reject the forced displacement’ in Gaza Abbas tells Blinken

Gaza Crisis: Abbas Urges Action Against Forced Displacement in Talks with Blinken

Palestinian leader warns top US diplomat that the Israeli decision evacuation of Gaza civilians will cause a second Nakba’.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has said to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that he “rejects the forced exile” of Palestinians from Gaza in accordance with Israel’s directive for the entire population of the enclave to relocate to the south.

Abbas spoke at the meeting held on Friday in Jordan’s capital city Amman that the event would be an event that could be referred to as a “second Nakba”, referring to the massive relocation of Palestinians in the 1948 war which led to the creation of Israel The official Palestinian information agency WAFA said.

The report also stated that humanitarian corridors should be permitted in the coastal enclave that is blocked immediately in order to avoid an emergency for the human race in the event of a humanitarian catastrophe, according to the report.

The Al Jazeera’s editor for diplomatic affairs James Bays said Blinken was in Jordan to discuss negotiations but in order to ask for a cessation of hostilities.

“Blinken is expected to also visit Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt to progress to release American prisoners being held by Hamas and to negotiate the safe return of between 500 and 600 US citizens or dual nationals who are in Gaza,” he stated.

“The diplomatic visit is also designed to prevent an increase in the regional intensity of the conflict. But it’s not about the end of the war. Bays is not suggesting that Israel should end its aggression against Gaza,” Bays added.

In the early hours of Friday, Blinken met Jordan’s King Abdullah II who also called for “opening humanitarian corridors that allow the flow of emergency medical and relief assistance to Gaza as well as protecting civilians, and stopping the escalated violence and conflict in Gaza” in an announcement from Jordan’s royal court read.

In the meantime, thousands were gathered in Amman the previous Friday evening for protests in solidarity with Palestinians.

More than 10,000 people gathered in the middle of city near to the Grand Husseini Mosque.

They carried banners with the words: “The victory march will continue, in solidarity with Palestine” along with “Stand with Palestine and the liberated Palestine”.

There was a large security presence in the region, according to AFP media agency.

Witnesses claimed that police used tear gas to stop about 500 protesters who had gathered at the security checkpoint in Amman on the highway that leads to a major frontier crossing to Israel.

Jordan is concerned that an increase in regional violence that is a result of the war between Israel and Hamas could be a negative for Jordan due to the fact that a significant proportion of the populace is Palestinian.

Israel is in an midst of a battle in order to “destroy” Hamas, an militant group with armed forces that controls in the Gaza Strip, after the Palestinian fighters seized its southern border this weekend, killing more than 1,300 people.

Israel has been in the process of hitting Hamas areas in Gaza. Gaza Strip, where 1,537 people have been killed.

The Israeli military claimed to have dropped 6,000 bombs on Gaza Strip since October 7 close to that number of bombs that the US employed in Afghanistan in just one calendar year.

Afghanistan is nearly 1,800 times the size of the enclave under siege.


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