May 29, 2024
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Top US Doctor Jeffery Long Validates Quran and Hadith on Life After Death

Top US Doctor Jeffery Long Validates Quran and Hadith on Life After Death

Jeffery Long who is a radiation oncologist was confirmed the information in a conversation to Kelly Burch.

Speaking with In the interview with Kelly Burch, Jeffery Long an oncologist who practices radiation in Kentucky, USA, confirms the existence of life after death that has been long-established through scriptures like the Quran as well as the Hadith.

In Islamic tradition The Quran along with the Hadith have long argued for belief in the possibility of an immortality offering punishment for those who commit wrongdoing and rewards for those who are virtuous. Recent research carried out by Dr. Jeffrey Long, a specialist in the field of cancer treatment provides fascinating insight into the idea of living after death, which ties the world of science and Islam.

Islamic doctrine is unambiguous in stating that there is an afterlife, as stated in the Quran and the writings from the prophet Muhammad. The sacred texts of Islam describe the consequences for those who commit wrongdoing after death and the reward for those who are righteous.

The Dr. Jeffrey Long’s exploration into the study of life following death began after he came upon reports of near-death experience (NDEs) in an medical journal. NDEs are events that occur when people, usually seriously ill or even clinically deceased experience sensations of leaving their bodies and moving into a new dimension.

Initially skeptical of NDEs, initially skeptical of NDEs, Dr. Long decided to embark on a thorough review of these accounts. As he collected hundreds of stories from people who had been through NDEs his doubts began to fade and he began to consider the possibility of a life after death.

Dr. Long’s work yielded surprising results. Nearly half the people who been through NDEs felt like they had left their bodies and sometimes hovering over them. In addition they were able to recall incidents that occurred in their NDEs. This included specific details they would not have anticipated, yet were later confirmed as true.

The accounts of NDEs usually included descriptions of navigating glowing tunnels and interactions with loved ones who have passed away. They described a humbling sensation of peace and love that resembled the idyllic representation of the afterlife found in Islamic doctrines.

Professor. Jeffrey Long’s pioneering research demonstrates the interplay between science and religion. By employing rigorous scientific methods His findings provide support to the idea of a the existence of life after death as outlined in Islam. This fusion of science and faith gives optimism and affirms the notion that there is more to look forward to after our mortal existence comes to an end.

In the end the author, In conclusion, Dr. Long’s work focuses on the possibility of a harmonious relationship between the pursuit of knowledge and religious beliefs, offering an exciting option for those contemplating the mysteries of what lies ahead in the future.


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