May 29, 2024
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Mumbai College Lifts Burqa Ban Digital Islamic Guide

Mumbai College Lifts Burqa Ban Amid Student Protests

A recent incident at NG Acharya and DK Marathi College in Chembur, Mumbai caused controversy when students wearing burqas were allegedly denied entry. When students and parents began gathering outside the school entrances in protest against this action, numerous protests ensued. This article explores these events surrounding this “Burqa Ban” as well as their ongoing effects.

According to Indian media reports, on August 1 the college administration implemented a new rule prohibiting students from wearing burqas or hijabs inside college grounds, instead mandating they change into their uniform upon arriving on campus and strictly enforce it from August 8. This decision would become effective August 8.

Students adhering to religious customs had long worn burqas as part of their college experience; however, on implementation day they were denied entry and detained by security guards, leading to significant protest by these students as they demanded the right to wear religious apparel freely.

Both NG Acharya and DK Marathi College had implemented uniform policies for class 11 and 12 students beginning June 15. The dress code mandated girls wear salwar kameez with veil, along with specific shirt and pants from June 15. Female students belonging to Muslim communities wearing burqas or hijabs were prohibited from entering campus grounds.

Following outrage and intervention from political and police officials, the college administration revised their stance. Students wearing hijabs or burqas on campus were allowed, but in certain restrooms were asked to change into uniform attire instead for class hours; after class hours they could wear religious apparel again without restrictions.

As part of its revised guidelines, the college principal emphasized the mandatory nature of uniforms across campus, including classrooms, libraries, laboratories, canteens and gymnasiums. Senior college students were exempted from this uniform policy and permitted to wear hijabs and burqas on campus.

The “Burqa Ban” incident at NG Acharya and DK Marathi College in Mumbai caused heated discussions and protests among students, parents and college administrators. Eventually the situation was addressed through dialogues and intervention resulting in relaxation of initial restrictions imposed. Now on its journey forward, this college remains committed to creating an inclusive learning environment while adhering to its uniform policy.

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