May 29, 2024
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Muslim Man Saves 17 People From Fire In France

Heroic Act: Muslim Man Saves 17 People from Raging Fire in France

A Muslim man named Ezzedine Hamdi, from France bravely stepped into an engulfed construction site to help save the lives of 17 others including a newborn. He’s been hailed as an hero.

According to French Media, the fire occurred in a two-story structure situated within Southeastern France in Romans-sur-Isere on Friday

A baker only in Fournil de Jacquemart, Ezzedine Hamdi was awake and located on the lower floor that was in the house when the fire began in the early hours of the morning.

He was leaving his bakery after hearing screaming and discovered that the building in front was burning.

Muslim Man Saves 17 People From Fire In France

Then, he called firefighters early in the morning, at 3:54 morning. It was immediately apparent the 17 victims were stranded.

However, Ezzedine did not think twice and didn’t sit around waiting for the firefighters. He used a ladder climb up to the window. The mother gave him her infant in the window. After he checked that the baby was safe returned to help her. The firefighters arrived and took over.

Lieutenant Baptiste Devis said, “When we arrived we saw high flames, ranging from 5-6 meters. The stairs were burned and we were unable to walk up or down the stairs. “

Unfortunately, the bakery of Ezzedine was also damaged due to the fire.

Fournil de Jacquemart

According to reports, one person who lived in the apartment that caught fire did not want to speak to them. Instead, they said “He has saved everybody” and pointed at Ezzedine.

A lot of people in the area or on social networks believe Ezzedine Hamdi is hero-like and deserves to be awarded France’s highest honor of honor, “the Legion of Honor”.


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