May 29, 2024
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Saudi Arabia Makes Leaving Animals Under Sun a Punishable Crime

Saudi Arabia Makes Leaving Animals Under Sun a Punishable Crime – Learn about the New Animal Welfare Laws

Leaving animals under the scorching sun in Saudi Arabia is now a punishable crime. Protecting animal welfare is a top priority.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture advised animal owners and herders to not let their animals be exposed to the scorching sunlight. The ministry warned them not to cause animal suffering or harm by exposed to high temperatures in the summer months.

The ministry advised pet owners to take every necessary precautions to avoid causing any injury to animals. It also advised to adhere by the principles of animal welfare, referring to the guidelines laid out in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Animal Welfare Act.

The media center of the ministry said in an announcement that in regard to the increasing temperatures, specific measures should be taken to safeguard animals from extreme temperatures by offering water and food continuously and preparing shelters and barns to safeguard the animals. The center also recommended the application of standards and guidelines to ensure the welfare of animals, adhering to vaccinations and a determination to ensure they are kept out of the sun’s direct light during summer’s hottest hours, in addition to performing out an inspection of their surroundings every day at least.

The ministry urged pet owners and their caretakers to not to release animals whose existence is dependent on human beings. If there is the desire to leave it the coordination should be established with the appropriate authority in addition to keeping an eye on the health of the animals by conducting an inspection and treatments by an experienced vet.

The ministry stated that it will enforce penalties and regulations against anyone was found to be in violation of any lawful provision by the abuse of animal species in some way. The ministry’s offices and branches in the different areas within the Kingdom are striving to prevent and oversee violations relating to animal cruelty.


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