May 29, 2024
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Watch Hajj 2023 Live: Streaming from Mina, Muzdalifa, and Arafat

Experience the Live Streaming of Hajj 2023: Mina, Muzdalifa, and Arafat

Hajj, the fifth pillar of Islam, holds great significance for Muslims worldwide, as it is a compulsory pilgrimage that every financially and physically capable individual must undertake at least once in their lifetime.

Watch Hajj 2023 Live Streaming

The Hajj Ministry of the Kingdom has announced that this year’s Hajj will be restricted to residents of the country, limiting the participation to individuals who currently reside within the nation.

In adherence to the safety measures implemented due to the ongoing pandemic, certain restrictions have been put in place. Pilgrims are prohibited from kissing or touching the holiest sites during the Hajj. Additionally, a physical distance of one and a half meters must be maintained between each pilgrim, including during the performance of mass prayers. Furthermore, the circumambulation site of the Kaabah will be subject to specific regulations, as outlined by the CDC representative.

While congregational prayers can be performed, it is essential to wear face masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

The live streaming of Hajj 2023 offers a unique opportunity to witness the gathering of a large number of Muslims at Mount Arafat, located approximately 20 kilometers east of Makkah. The day of Arafat, which falls on the 9th of Dhul al-Hijjah, holds immense importance and is often referred to as the “Pinnacle of the annual Hajj.” People from around the world can observe the live Hajj proceedings from Arafat. This day marks the second major obligation of the Hajj and serves as a significant holiday for Eid al-Adha.

Muslim pilgrims pass through Mina at dawn and proceed to the Plain of Arafat and Mount Arafah.

Stay tuned to live TV broadcasts to witness the enchanting views of Makkah during Hajj 2023 and reap the rewards that come with watching these sacred moments. Channels like Madina Live TV and Makkah Live HD will provide live streaming coverage of Hajj 2023. May Allah grant all of us the opportunity to visit the Holy sites and fulfill this sacred obligation!


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