May 29, 2024
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Below 18 Pilgrims Must Have an Adult for Umrah

New Rule: Below 18 Pilgrims Must Have an Adult for Umrah – Ensure Safe Pilgrimage

Children under 18 pilgrims must be with an adult for Umrah within Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently enacted new regulations to enhance the experience of pilgrims during Umrah. One of the most significant changes includes the rule that all pilgrims who are under the age of 18 must be with an adult.

All Umrah establishments and businesses are required to adhere to guidelines in the Pilgrims Services’ Controls Document. The reservation for contract services has to conform with the guidelines of the program which includes accommodations domestic transportation, insurance along with ground transportation.

The residence permit must be valid for a minimum of 90 days following when it was issued. Saudi entry to ensure you can ensure that your Umrah program corresponds with the actual time of pilgrimage in the kingdom. The A, B as well as C are classified based on an organization’s operating performance over the last two years. In the wake of these classifications Umrah initiatives will prove to be much more efficient and cost-effective.

In the event that 75 percent of pilgrims who visit Saudi Arabia return to their home countries, the companies in the categories B andC are not able to enter new numbers above the actual numbers they input during this time. To prevent overcrowding, this system is designed to control an influx of pilgrims efficiently.

Before pilgrims can arrive, Umrah companies must prepare prior to arrival information and then secure reservations via the Nusuk application. Separate pilgrim groups also must adhere to regulations of the General Syndicate of Cars (GSC) guidelines.

It is the duty of establishments and companies to offer transportation and other services in Saudi Arabia, as well as guide pilgrims towards and from the Two Holy Mosques. In addition, they have to protect pilgrims during inclement weather, and offer the necessary services, such as visits to historic places.

A adequate number of staff should be available to help pilgrims, offer contact information and assist them in understanding the digital path. The idea is that these steps will improve the overall experience of pilgrims and will ensure their safety throughout their time throughout their stay in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia aims to enhance the Umrah pilgrimage experience and to ensure the safety and security of Umrah pilgrims by implementing of the updated rules and regulations.

The minimum age to be eligible for Umrah is five years old.

Can children go to do Umrah?
Yes, children are able to take part in Umrah together with parents.


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