May 29, 2024
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Get Hajj 2023 Completion Certificate Online

Get Hajj 2023 Completion Certificate Online: Your Gateway to a Successful Pilgrimage

People who have completed each year’s Hajj pilgrimage are able to get a certificate of completion online by Saudi Arabia.

To get this certificate, the pilgrims must download the Nusuk application and select the design they would like to use.

By using the app it is possible to obtain the certificate in accordance with the instructions of the ministry.

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In the last month, pilgrims returned levels prior to the outbreak of the upcoming Hajj at Saudi Arabia.

A few years ago, COVID-19 compelled Saudi Arabia to limit the number of pilgrims and their age over three years however this year, the restrictions were lifted.

Saudi authorities estimate about 1.8 million pilgrims participated in the Hajj in Mecca and surrounding Mecca, the holy city. Mecca which included 1.6 million foreigners.

Many foreign pilgrims travel to Medina after having completed Hajj rituals. They pray at the Prophet’s Mosque the second most sacred spot, and to see the other Islamic sites. Second Hajj season is the time of the gathering.

As of Saturday, more than 222,000 pilgrims from various nationalities have gathered in Medina from the time of the Hajj rituals.

There are many notable mosques in Medina including the Prophet’s Mosque. It is home to Al Rawda Al Sharifa in which the Prophet Mohammed’s tomb is located.

Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca visited the city last month, en journey to Mecca.


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