May 29, 2024
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Muslims Reach 2 Billion Mark, Growth Rate Doubles Digital Islamic Guide

Muslims Reach Historic 2 Billion Milestone with Doubled Growth Rate – New Report

Islam is expected to be the most popular religion towards the close of this century, a study confirms.

Muslims all over the world were estimated at 2,006,931,770 based on the Global Muslim Population report published on the site.

Muslims today comprise over 25% of the world population, which makes it the second-most practiced religion in the world.

In the study Islam is the main religion of 26 nations within Africa as well as Asia which is also the most rapidly growing religion in the world.

A PEW study from 2017 has predicted that at the close of the century, Muslims around the world will outnumber Christians worldwide.

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With more than 240 millions Muslims, Indonesia is home to the largest Muslim community around the globe. This Asian nation is followed by Pakistan (+230 millions), India (+219 million) and Bangladesh (+156 million). The country that is the first non-Asian one comes from Nigeria (+113 millions).

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