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Surah Al-Mulk With Urdu Translation

Surah Al-Mulk With Urdu Translation

Surah Al-Mulk is a Makki Surah included in Para 29 of the Quran al Qareem. Explore Surah Al-Mulk with both Urdu and English translations. Enjoy listening to the MP3 audio Tilawat of Surah Al-Mulk and avail the opportunity to download the MP3 file and PDF for your convenience.

Para / Chapter29
Surah No67
Surah NameAl-Mulk
ClassificationMeccan – Makki Surah

Play Tilawat of Surah Al-Mulk

Surah Al-Mulk Tilawat with Urdu Translation

Recitation of Surah Al-Mulk with English Translation

Surah Al-Mulk with Urdu Translation PDF

Surah Al-Mulk with Urdu Translation PDF

Surah Al-Mulk with English Translation PDF

Surah Al-Mulk with English Translation PDF

Download Surah Al-Mulk with Urdu Translation PDF

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Download Surah Al-Mulk with English Translation PDF

Downlod digitalislamicguide

Surah Mulk was revealed in Makkah and is located in the 29th chapter of the Holy Quran, standing as the 67th Surah and containing 30 verses. Within this Surah, Allah illustrates the purpose behind the creation of this world. It serves as a test for individuals to choose between the right and wrong paths. The universe, meticulously observed by Allah, stands flawless in its grandeur.

The Almighty has adorned the closest of the seven skies with stars, serving the dual purpose of guiding people in their journeys and repelling Satan and his forces should they attempt to disrupt the Universe. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ mentioned in a Hadith: “There is a surah in the Quran consisting of only thirty verses. Whoever recites this Surah, it will protect and guide them until they enter Jannah.”

Each Surah in the Quran carries specific benefits. Reciting Surah Mulk enlightens one’s grave and becomes a companion in the hereafter. This Surah serves as a means to seek refuge from the punishment of the Almighty. Digital Islamic Guide offers a platform where you can recite Surah Mulk with Urdu Translation. The site provides a comprehensive verse-by-verse translation of Surah Mulk, along with the full text available for easy access. Additionally, Surah Mulk’s PDF file with audio recitations can be downloaded in mp3 format free of charge, allowing convenient access on various devices.

Surah Mulk Benefits:

Every letter in the Quran holds significance, emphasizing prudence even within a single word.

Surah Mulk for the Deceased:

The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ stated that a surah comprising thirty verses in the Quran intercedes for an individual until their sins are forgiven. Continual recitation of this Surah on the Day of Judgment serves as a mediator, seeking forgiveness from Allah for all transgressions.


An incident narrates that a companion of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ unintentionally set his tent on a grave. Upon realizing this, he recited Surah Mulk. When he informed the Prophet about this incident and recitation, Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ expressed that it prevents torment in the grave.

Protection before Sleeping:

Reciting Surah Mulk before sleeping ensures angelic protection. During sleep, when one is defenseless, this Surah serves as a safeguard. Understanding and implementing significant Quranic verses enables one to live according to Islamic principles.

Intercession and Protection:

According to Abu Hurayrah, a Surah in the Quran with thirty verses intercedes for a person on Judgment Day, safeguarding them from the fire and guiding them to paradise. Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud added that for those who recite Surah Al-Mulk, it acts as a defender against divine punishment and grants a fragrant aura.

Surah Mulk Wazaif:

Surah Mulk Wazifa for Marriage:

Surah Mulk serves as an ultimate remedy for various marriage-related issues like love, conflicts, and delays. Consistent recitation with firm belief can resolve these problems.

Surah Mulk Wazifa to Fulfill Desires:

This Surah is considered a “Fortune Changer.” Reciting it for three consecutive days, fervently praying for a particular need or desire, often leads to its fulfillment by Allah’s grace.

Surah Mulk in MP3 Format:

Surah Mulk, packed with blessings for both the living and deceased, is available in MP3 format for listening and downloading. English and Urdu MP3 formats are also accessible for free.

Surah Mulk Tafseer in Urdu and English:

For moral stories, rewards, and blessings, explore the Tafseer of Surah Mulk available in Urdu and English.

Surah Mulk in PDF Format:

Surah Mulk, capable of guiding one to Jannah and providing defense during judgment, is available in PDF format for free reading and download in English and Urdu.

Surah Mulk Tilawat:

Effortlessly listen to the Tilawat of Surah Mulk without extensive searching.

Surah Mulk Translation in Urdu and English:

Digital Islamic Guide offers comprehensive verse-by-verse translations of Surah Mulk in Urdu and English, enriching readers with Allah’s blessings and guidance.

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