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Surah Ar-Rahman With Urdu Translation

Surah Ar-Rahman With Urdu Translation

Surah Ar-Rahman is a Madani Surah and is part of Para 27 of Quran al Qareem. Access the Surah Ar-Rahman with both Urdu and English translations. Enjoy listening to the MP3 audio Tilawat of Surah Ar-Rahman and avail the opportunity to download the MP3 file and PDF for further convenience.

Para / Chapter27
Surah No55
Surah NameAr-Rahman
ClassificationMedinan – Madani Surah

Play Tilawat of Surah Ar-Rahman

Surah Ar-Rahman Tilawat with Urdu Translation

Recitation of Surah Ar-Rahman with English Translation

Surah Ar-Rahman with Urdu Translation PDF

Surah Ar-Rahman With Urdu Translation PDF

Surah Ar-Rahman with English Translation PDF

Surah Ar-Rahman with English Translation PDF

Download Surah Ar-Rahman with Urdu Translation

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Download Surah Ar-Rahman with English Translation

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Surah Rahman with Urdu Translation and Mp3 Format Audio:

The primary attribute of Almighty Allah is His mercy, evident in every aspect of our daily lives. Surah Rahman primarily focuses on Allah’s mercy. It is the 55th Surah of the Quran, located within the 27th chapter, containing 78 verses. Surah Rahman is a Madani Surah, and each verse intricately portrays the blessings bestowed by God.

Upon reading the Surah, one will notice that nearly after each verse, the rhetorical question appears: “Then which of your Lord’s blessings would you both deny?” This Surah eloquently articulates the miracles of Allah, highlighting His ability to give life to clay and His meticulous balance maintained throughout the universe.

Benefits of Surah Rahman:

Surah Rahman serves as a reminder not to disregard the divine favors bestowed upon us. Through its repetition of “Which of the Favors of your Lord would you deny?” this Surah emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and appreciating the blessings granted by our Lord.

Jami At-Tirmidhi

According to Jami At-Tirmidhi, the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) recited Surah Rahman to his companions, who remained tranquil. He then disclosed that he recited it to the jinn, who responded positively. When the verse ‘And which of the favours of the Lord will you deny’ was recited, the jinn acknowledged that there is nothing among the bounties of Allah that they could deny, attributing all praise to Allah.

Imam Bayhaqi (R.A) in Shuab Al Imaan

Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud (Radi Allahu Anhu) conveyed the Prophet’s (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) statement, affirming that everything possesses adornment, and within the Qur’an, Surah Ar-Rahman serves as its decoration.

Hazrat Imam Jaffar (R.A)

Furthermore, he mentioned that one who engages in discussions about Surah Ar-Rahman and encounters difficulty or failure is esteemed as a saint. This Surah offers not only spiritual protection but also facilitates ease during the passage of one’s life and in the hereafter. Its profound essence encompasses various aspects essential for spiritual well-being and guidance.

Wazaif in Surah Rahman:

Wazifa to cure Eye Disease:

Surah Rahman holds the miraculous ability to heal various eye diseases. Even those afflicted with eyesight issues are advised to recite this Surah daily, experiencing noticeable improvements through the assistance of Allah.

Wazifa for Marriage:

Consistent recitation of Surah Rahman for twenty-one days, whether for oneself, a daughter, sister, or anyone seeking marriage, invites Allah’s mercy. Reciting Darood-e-Pak along with this Surah aids in facilitating marriages by the will of the Almighty.

Wazifa for Patients:

Surah Rahman serves as a remedy for a wide array of illnesses, including depression, hypertension, diabetes, and severe conditions like cancer. Its recitation aids in controlling psychological issues such as stress and depression, aiming to enhance overall well-being. The recitation of Surah Rahman has the potential to cure all chronic diseases.

Wazifa to Treat Your Soul:

Daily listening to the Tilawat of Surah Rahman acts as a healing balm for the soul. It revitalizes and uplifts, instilling a sense of rejuvenation and positivity.

Surah Ar-Rahman in MP3 Format:

Surah Rahman encompasses solutions to problems and serves as a cure for diseases. Accessible in MP3 format, it allows listening and offline downloads. The English-translated version of Surah Rahman in MP3 format is also available, catering to Urdu-speaking individuals with downloadable options on Digital Islamic Guide.

Surah Rahman Tafseer in Urdu and English:

Surah Rahman, with its recurring verse “Which of your Lord’s blessings would you deny?” encapsulates the blessings of the Benevolent Allah. Understanding its depth requires studying the Tafseer of Surah Ar-Rahman available in Urdu and English translations on this platform.

Surah Rahman in PDF Format:

The convenience of PDF format aids in easy access to reading materials. Surah Rahman PDF format is available for free downloads in both English and Urdu languages on Digital Islamic Guide.

Surah Rahman Tilawat:

The recitation of Surah Rahman serves as a spiritual therapy for the soul. Digital Islamic Guide offers effortless and free access to listen to the Tilawat of Surah Rahman.

Surah Rahman Translation in English and Urdu:

Surah Rahman, often described as the ornament of the Quran, unfolds the depth of divinity. Accessible translations in both English and Urdu on this platform ensure that all, especially the Urdu-speaking populace among the 61 million, can enrich themselves with its spiritual teachings.

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