May 29, 2024
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The 'Knocking Star' Mentioned in the Quran

NASA’s Astonishing Discovery: The ‘Knocking Star’ Mentioned in the Quran

The Quran it is mentioned in Al-Tariq that is about stars, and the word refers to “the knocker”.

In a shocking cosmic discovery NASA’s space observatory has recorded fascinating sounds emanating from a pulsar-like star. sounds like knocking on the door.

The most amazing thing is the fact that this cosmic event is in line with something that is mentioned in the Quran in the Quran, which is called “Al Tariq” meaning “the knocker” or “the one who makes loud knocks.”

Knocking Star is mentioned in the Quran as Al-Tariq

The Quran is considered to be the sacred book of Islam contains verses that have amazed researchers and scientists because they are in line with the latest research findings in science.

A revelation occurs included in Surah At-Tariq, where Allah speaks of a celestial body which knocks and produces unique sounds. (Surah At Tariq 86:1-3).

Knocking star mentioned in Surah

NASA Finds Evidence

The finding of the sounds emanating from”the “knocking” Star by NASA using the latest 21st century technology has raised some intriguing questions regarding the accuracy of the Quran in its description of cosmic events occurring over 1400 years ago.

In the past, there was no technology that could research the universe or record sounds, thus concluding of it is the Quran is a sacred book that is in line with modern science, which is amazing

Quran refers to Allah’s words which was revealed to Allah’s ultimate messenger prophet Muhammad (peace be on his name) and is the supreme source of all wisdom and knowledge. The Quran discussing celestial events such as the “knocking star” is proof that it’s timeless and eternally relevant.

According to NASA the pulsar star is one that is what the Quran refers to as “Al Tariq,” is being described as”a “knocking star.” This discovery adds even more excitement to the numerous Quranic verses that inspire researchers and people who believe in.

In the end the merging of recent scientific breakthroughs as well as ancient Quranic passages, such as the one that describes the “knocking star” is a reminder of the Quran’s divine source and the wisdom it possesses.

It demonstrates the right to be a believer it is this Quran can be considered to be Allah’s Word, and the Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the prophet. Muhammad (peace be with his soul) is the final messenger who gave instructions to humanity in general.


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