May 29, 2024
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Umrah Pilgrims Required to Shave at Licensed Barbers in Saudi Arabia Digital Islamic Guide

Health Safety Alert: Umrah Pilgrims Required to Shave at Licensed Barbers in Saudi Arabia

Beware of serious illnesses such as HIV, Hepatitis C and B by having your hair shaved in licensed barbershops.

MAKKAH :The day of an annual Umrah pilgrimage is nearing, Saudi Arabian authorities are encouraging pilgrims to use licensed barbers to trim their hair to avoid the spread of diseases.

Barbers who are not licensed, spreading Diseases

Barbers without licenses, who typically work in the bustling areas that run through Makkah and Medina are a source to be concerned due to their dirty practices. Employing dirty razors they are at risk of spreading deadly diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C and B. In addition, if they are not properly trained barbers who are not licensed may accidentally cause cuts and injuries.

Barbers who are licensed however they are legally required to utilize disposable razors as well as have regular health checks. Additionally, their advanced abilities in shaving can reduce the risk of injuries or accidents occurring in the process.

The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health has warned visitors to beware of seeking haircuts from non-licensed barbers, calling it an “dangerous” procedure that has grave health consequences. In an effort to prevent this from happening in the fight against unlicensed barbers, the Ministry has decided to offer free shaving services with licensed hairdressers within Mecca in addition to Medina.

Umrah Pilgrims Required to Shave at Licensed Barbers in Saudi Arabia

Although some pilgrims might be restricted by financial considerations Experts advise against making compromises to the safety of. The tiny price increase to get shaving at a licensed barber can be not much when weighed against the assurance of health and security.

Following the guidelines below, travelers will safeguard their health and have the safety of their Umrah journey.

Tips for Pilgrims Trying to Find Shaves During Umrah:

  • Make sure you choose licensed barbers with licenses.
  • Check the razor of the barber to make sure it’s brand new and not used.
  • Examine the quality of the groom’s work area.
  • Inform barbers who are not licensed and officials in Saudi authorities.

If they follow these guidelines the pilgrims can take an active part in maintaining their health and wellbeing while enjoying an enjoyable and secure Umrah journey.


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